Each other. product is a declaration of intent, one more step towards that just world we want and need.
We promote the values ​​of sustainability both in our manufacturing processes and also in the materials we use.
We protect the environment, we respect production processes and we aim to consolidate spaces of social inclusion, in every garment we create.

Our suppliers

have the following




We work with recycled and eco-friendly materials with GOTS certification both in composition, raw materials, dyes and manufacturing.
___ We prioritize, work with local providers.
___ We do not do mass series. Quality over quantity, always.

Lasting functionality

We do not rely on seasons or seasonal collections, we make functional, timeless and adaptable designs to what you need.


___ Local production with social impact: Committed to our society, we make our garments in workshops for social insertion and empowerment of women.
We reclaim the textile trade by working with garment and dressmaking workshops that preserve tradition and value their workers, guaranteeing decent working conditions and care spaces. We respect the workday, decent wages and, above all, the times of each worker.

    Es un arte, es un oficio y cada prenda lo nota.


____Sewing workshops
Made and finished 100% in Spain. We work as a team with several workshops based in Madrid and Barcelona.


Cooperative of Social Integration that seeks to give a second life to clothing while generating a safe space and jobs for vulnerable women.
It is a production workshop, training space and professional entrepreneurship focused on ethical and sustainable fashion, with a triple mission: economic sustainability, promotion of environmental culture and development of the social project.



Raw material and fabrics

Ecological Textiles
El Mertex
Smart Accessori